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An Update on the Adrian Peterson Situation

Adrian PetersonNow that Adrian Peterson has been indicted on child abuse charges and has had a protective court order filed against him barring him from having unauthorized contact with his 4 year old son, it has been reported that the Minnesota Vikings “do not see Adrian Peterson in their future”. He is currently barred from any Vikings related activities.

The real question here is – will the situations with Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and more get the NFL to clean up its act and revise their clearly broken policies and procedures on moral issues such as domestic violence? Not likely.

What will be most interesting (in my opinion) is whether or not we see Ray Rice or AP playing in the NFL again. My guess is that like Michael Vick (jail time possibly?), they’ll be back on new teams that is willing to give them a chance after a year or so away from league play.

Things will continue on and fans will quickly forget the misdeeds of players and owners alike and get back to their betting, drinking and jersey buying. Fans watch to be entertained and to forget the real world for a game or two on a Sunday afternoon. They aren’t interested in having discussions about morality interfere with this ritual.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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This Kid Made Me Laugh My Guts Out

Okay, quick update (a short break from dentistry!). If you haven’t seen this kid yet, you’re “apparently” living in a hole somewhere. Besides his improper use of the word, I find his confidence, charisma and very anchor-like addressing of the camera quite entertaining. Enough writing… just watch!

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